The world’s greatest detective tackles Chicago’s murky underworld in his final thrilling escapade, recently discovered by award-winning comedy duo Max and Ivan

‘nothing can stop Max and Ivan on their sketch comedy quest for greatness’

British Theatre Guide

‘There are hundreds of Holmes adaptations out there, and I am not afraid to say that this must be the best’

Three Weeks

Holmes and Watson was Max and Ivan’s first proper Edinburgh show – they sweated it out every night in a tiny basement and had to cancel one show when Max broke his ankle in The Wrestling half way through. They re-choreographed the show to incorporate crutches and won the Edinburgh Comedy Panel Prize later that month for the ankle breaking show – which kind of makes up for the years of limping that followed.

In 2013 Max and Ivan took Holmes and Watson to SXSW – the only British comedy act to be invited out.



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