And so, after months of training, and 90 minutes of adrenaline-filled, sweat-soaked action, The Wrestling is over once again.

It was the only 5 star-reviewed show from Chortle at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe, but if you missed out fear not – relive the experience in pictoral form now!

Our ringside photographer was the extraordinary David Monteith-Hodge, and snapping from the audience was the incredible Claire Haigh:


THE START // The Comedy Legends Super-Band // MC Nick Helm introduces the show // We finally meet the CEO… Sara Pascoe

TAG TEAM CHAOS // Jenny Bede AKA Equal Pain, The Wrestler’s Wrester Stuart Goldsmith and Dan ‘The Hammer’ Head VS Bulk, Zoe Lucas and Reggie Bannon (who looks a lot like John Hastings), managed by Johnny ‘Soft Shoe’ Kearns

ACASTER ELIMINATED // The amazing dancing intro // Jody Fleisch takes out James Acaster // Dr Steen Raskopolous attempts to revive him

THE SEVEN WAY LADDER MATCH… FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP // Joel ‘So Fucking Famous’ Dommett VS Richard Gadd’s evil alter ego Damien Worst VS ‘The Executioner’ Bridget Christie VS Jody Fleisch VS ‘The Prince of Mumbai’ Rishi Ghosh VS Max Voltage VS Ivan ‘El Guapo’ Gonzalez

THE CHAMPION // Joe Lycett disguised as The Executioner is victorious!



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