Max & Ivan are a globally acclaimed comedy double-act, who have performed their intricate multi-character live shows at SXSW festival, the Adelaide Fringe, the Edinburgh Fringe (where their work has been nominated for Best Comedy), and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (nominated for Most Outstanding Show), as well as on tour throughout the UK.


They are creators of The Wrestling, in which the world’s best comedians learn to wrestle, and then step into the ring to do battle with actual enormous pro wrestlers. It has performed to sold-out crowds in Melbourne and Edinburgh, where it won the Edinburgh Comedy Awards Panel Prize.

Their BBC Radio 4 sitcom, The Casebook of Max & Ivan, has attracted guest stars including Matt Lucas, June Whitfield, Jessica Hynes, Reece Shearsmith and Mark Heap.

Alongside Graham Dickson, they are co-founders of The Free Association, London’s premier improv school. As actors they have appeared separately on a range of shows, and together as near-mute executives Ben and Jerry in the BBC’s W1A. Very good, very strong.

Represented by Dawn Sedgwick Management // WME (US) // Haven (US)

Voice work: Meet the Joneses


As far as he knows, Max is the only Jewish man in show business (though he’s not checked this). He is Contributing Editor at Esquire magazine, was once the youngest professional wrestler in the UK, and spent three months in grueling pursuit of spornosexuality. Acting credits include Blandings (BBC1), Pompidou (BBC Two), Drifters (Channel 4), Witless (BBC3) and Peep Show (Channel 4).


5 foot 2, eyes of blue, his tiny teeth make it hard to chew; Ivan* hails from The Wirral, via Spain. He is a founding member of theatre company non zero one, and improvises with The 838. Acting credits include Badults (BBC3), The Mimic (Channel 4), Pompidou (BBC Two) and Drunk Histories (Comedy Central).


Ivan’s name is actually pronounced ‘Iván’ (his dad’s from Argentina, and it’s a common name there appaz). He removed the accent so as not to confuse people, but as he still insists on his name being pronounced ‘Iván’ it has literally had the opposite effect.



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