Kiss or shake hands?

We've made a new short for the BBC! Check it out and LIKE and SHARE and maybe it'll help solve the Israel/Palestine conflict.

When you suck at yoga

Look! We made a sketch that's in a phone-friendly square so that all the kids can share it on the internet... Here's our take on yoga for the good folks at BBC Three:

Max & Ivan: In Conversation

 WE HAVE FILMED SOME SKETCHES Hey team! We’ve filmed six sketches and would like to share them with YOU. Please LIKE and SHARE to bring about peace on Earth Click on the photos below to see the individual videos or check them all out...

‘astonishing: fast-paced and unflaggingly funny’

The times

‘Max & Ivan are the real deal’

The Guardian

‘First-rate comic acting and knockabout daftness’

The Scotsman


Sunday Times

‘Phenomenal range of talent’

Daily Mirror

‘max & ivan ooze class’



Max & Ivan are represented by Dawn Sedgwick at Dawn Sedgwick Management, Melissa Myers at WME (US) and Jennie Church-Cooper at Haven (US), and their voices are represented by Laura Milne at Meet the Joneses

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