Those lovely Pappy's are back on BBC 3 with a brand new batch of Badults - which means we're back on… [more]


Ben & Jerry: Career Advice

We're all up on the BBC's careers page giving some solid advice... BBC 'digital strategists' #benandjerry… [more]

Ben & Jerry: Career Advice Ben & Jerry: Career Advice

Melbourne Gala

Here's our Melbourne International Comedy Gala set, just in time for the opening night of our Australian… [more]

Melbourne Gala Melbourne Gala



It’s that time of year. The Edinburgh Fringe is lumbering over the horizon, a monstrous beast fuelled by cheap cider, Texan high schools performing inexplicable four-night runs of West Side Story, and the self-doubt of a million artists.

On the advice of our astrologer we’re not going to the Fringe this year (also, we’ve been writing a play and radio thing!), however we have compiled a tightly edited selection of shows that we urge you to see. They are…


Stylish sketch trio, expertly directed by the invincible Tom Parry (of Pappy’s and The Reunion). This year, all three of the Beasts attempt their own solo shows. What happens? Go along and find out! But, in all probability, hilarious shenanigans.


Party vibes! That’s both the title of the show and also the general atmosphere you can expect from this joyous sketch hour. Birthday Girls was formed by three members of the awesome Lady Garden, and they’re directed by Tom Parry as well. It’s an absolute bloody win-win.


Wise, bearded, Irish. Just three adjectives that describe D’o'D (though he has been known to shave the beard). Expect him to deliver low energy whimsy on a tiny keyboard, whilst also somehow incorporating over a billion jokes. It’s remarkable.


Deeply affable sketch quartet (formerly a quintet, but Jon Gracey has gone off travelling the world like an absolute turncoat bastard) who have, variously, introduced Edinburgh audiences to a post-apocalyptic bunker, a train heist, the truth behind the space race and a city populated by superheroes. This year they’ve got a new show, Happenstance, and they’re branching out into solo stuff too. Go see.


HE’S BACK. Terrifying, anarchic, interactive comedy from the absolute master of terrifying, anarchic, interactive comedy. His last show, in 2011, was so good that it practically broke Edinburgh. Now he returns to the Pleasance Dome, having aged like a fine wine. We’d advise you not to sit in the front row, but frankly you’re not safe anywhere in the room.


Terrifyingly clever and exquisitely funny – it’s a brand new show from Sara Pascoe off the telly (she completely bossed QI in her first appearance, it was staggering), and you should definitely go and see it. She’s vegan, but that mustn’t put you off – the show will be awesome.


This, obviously, is just the tip of the iceberg, so to cover our backs we also suggest that you see all other shows in Edinburgh. Go on.


Big love to all who came to last night’s recording of The Casebook of Max and Ivan at the superb RADA studios! The cast were absolutely formidable, and here’s proof that June Whitfield (!) was actually involved:

Casebook Cast

The show is currently being edited by the wonderful folk at John Stanley productions – keep your ears peeled (that’s not a saying is it…) for when it comes to Radio 4 in August.


Those lovely Pappy’s are back on BBC 3 with a brand new batch of Badults – which means we’re back on TV in 10 second green-screen instalments! Check out the episode:

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 08.48.11




Yes! In a turn of events that will, hopefully, finally make our mothers proud of us, we are recording a SITCOM PILOT ON RADIO 4!

The show is entitled THE CASEBOOK OF MAX AND IVAN, and delves into our previous careers as low-rent private detectives (we knew those hilarious, mystery-filled adventures would come in handy at some point…).

The recording is at the RADA STUDIOS on SUNDAY, JUNE 8TH, doors open at 6.45PM and FREE TICKETS ARE HERE.

Astonishingly, not only have the Radio 4 gods permitted this to be recorded and broadcast, but we’ve convinced an ACTUAL CAST to perform it with us!

Joining us, in alphabetical order, we have:

LEWIS MACLEOD – poly-voiced chameleonic radio legend
JESSICA RANSOM – obscenely talented actress and comedian
DAVID REED – widely-adored sketch genius

Aaaand -

JUNE WHITFIELD – the actual June Whitfield, of June Whitfield fame!

Extraordinary, right? They’ve all signed things confirming they’re going to be there. We’re not making this up.


Once again – GRAB YOURSELF SOME FREE TICKETS HERE! You have to fill in a form and stuff, but it doesn’t take very long.

London SketchFest 2014

The weekend-long blowout of London’s only festival dedicated to the ancient art of sketch comedy is well and truly over… but don’t be too sad, because LOOK – pretty pictures!

We had a bloody good time closing London’s second ever SketchFest, and now you can rejoice in these pictures of us.

Marvel at how we ACT with our faces, limbs and everything in between! Click on the photo below to see more more more:


(Please note: sketch comedy is very dangerous and should only ever be performed by trained professionals)


Over the course of a surreal, extraordinary and wonderful evening, The Wrestling descended upon Melbourne Town Hall. Tommy Little, Sam Simmons, Tegan Higginbotham and David Quirk all stepped into the ring. Luke McGregor and Greg Fleet debuted as managers. Des Bishop and Matt Okine commentated on proceedings, aided by suave MC Lawrence Mooney. Mel Buttle interviewed everyone. Jason Byrne and Ronny Chieng led the teams of good and evil, respectively. And Hamish Blake showed up unannounced, stepped into the ring and did some refereeing. Ridiculous.

Enormous, undying thanks to everyone involved in the performing and organisation of the show, MICF for taking the plunge and bringing it over, and the heroic Pleasance and Ditto Productions across the water.

Words, as ever, don’t quite capture the sheer overblown lunacy of the night, so click on the awesome picture below and have a look at the ridiculous night courtesy of wonder-photographers Jim Lee and Stano Murin:

MICF Wrestling

Ben & Jerry: Career Advice

We’re all up on the BBC’s careers page giving some solid advice…


Melbourne Gala

Here’s our Melbourne International Comedy Gala set, just in time for the opening night of our Australian run! (It’s like they’ve thought this through.)


We’ve been in Melbourne for a mighty 72 hours, we’ve slightly adjusted to the time-zone (thanks to the 43 flat whites) and last night we performed in front of three thousand people at Australia’s largest seated venue for the awesome Melbourne International Comedy Festival Oxfam Gala.


Oxfam Gala


Sexy photo thanks to the brilliant Stano Murin.


Wrestling Melbourne!

People of earth. Today is a momentous day. Not because it’s Ivan’s birthday (he has one of those, like, nearly every year) but because, in a feat of extraordinary logistical and insurance-defying daring, it has been confirmed that THE WRESTLING will be coming to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, for one night only. Amazingly, this isn’t some sort of diseased fever-dream, this is an actual thing. Melbourne Town Hall. April 14th. World-class comedians. Australia’s finest wrestlers. More – much more – to follow. In the meantime…